What are Reality and the Truth of Life?

Today I’m going to tell you about reality, illusions and the truth of life. Reality is not the same as we are seeing it. Here’s what the reality looks like:

What is reality?

Everything in the universe that exists is unreal and reality is not something that can be seen. Things are only appearances, they are only the forms of something formless. That formlessness is real but that cannot be seen, touched and felt. All that can be seen is unreal. We are living in a dream world.

When I say that everything is unreal; that does not mean you can pass through the wall and jump off a mountain because the mountain and you are unreal.

Ask the physicist, ask even the materialist: he says it is unreal because there is no solid wall, just waves are vibrating so fast in the nucleus of an atom that they give the appearance of a solid wall. But there is no solid like existence, everything is energy.

By ’unreal’, I mean, as it appears to you – that appearance is unreal. For example; the wall as it appears is unreal. The reality that we are seeing to not real, we have seen only the surface, which is not true.

It is all energy, and energy is just a concept. We say that this is electricity that is giving us light, but nobody has ever been able to define what exactly it is. Just notions about it – that it is something that is passing through the wires and coming to the bulb.

And an atom is nothing but vibrating waves – not even a particle, but a wave. Out of those waves, which are immaterial, the solid wall is constructed. It looks solid to us because we cannot see deeply enough. And there is no way to see deeply enough because whatsoever we see will remain on the surface. The matter is unreal in that sense and so whatsoever we see is unreal.

Does reality is an illusion?

Yes, the reality is an illusion, what we see is not real. We are seeing the forms of the formless but the formless that cannot be seen is true. Everything is unreal here but our mind assumes that it is real. Our mind also assumes virtual reality true when we see through VR-Box.

The mind cannot see deeper into reality, it assumes the surface as a truth. The mind has no ability to differentiate real and unreal. Even if you are dreaming the mind assumes it as real. The mind treats the same when you are in a dream and awake after the dream. Then which reality is true for the mind?

What is the absolute truth for life?

All our relationships and belief system are also unreal; they are the creation of our minds. Our mind creates reality and this reality is not true. The mind is a device that cannot go beyond reality and to see the reality we should go beyond it, to the no-mind state. Even the VR-Box shows you a reality around you but it’s not real.

Only one thing can be said with certainty that the witness or the consciousness is not unreal. Even to witness unreality a real witness is needed. You may be just a fiction of my mind, I may be just a fiction of your mind, but even for the fiction to exist, somebody is needed deep inside me to see that fiction. That witness is real; everything else is unreal.

“Truth is subjectivity“, objectivity is a lie, it is false. So when there is no thought, no experience, no object, no content in the mind, and your consciousness is just bare, naked, pure contentless mirror mirroring nothing – then you know what is real. That mirror mirroring nothing is real. For that one has to go deeper and deeper into one’s own being. There are so many layers of many things; all those layers have to be eliminated. And then you are ready to understand the truth of life and reality.